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Merchandising & Packaging Design Solutions

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One of the most important considerations for merchandising and packaging at the consumer level is packaging that has a Split Second impact to communicate your brand strengths, create brand image, perceived value and set you apart from the competition. To learn more, Contact us today.

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Packaging Design Solutions for Southwestern Ontario


Drink Caddy Box Carton Packaging DesignWhen it comes to design and packaging, make Split Second Marketing Support Inc. your preferred packaging supplier. Split Second Marketing Support Inc. has decades of experience designing and manufacturing corrugated, card stock, and blister pack packaging and co-pack packing for Canada and the United States.

Our professional creative team will help you create a complete packaging experience for your target audience, strengthen your brand, and exceed your marketing and budget objectives.? We design and manufacture flexo printed boxes, flexograph printed die cut boxes, litho lithograph mounted die cut boxes, short run digital packaging, merchandisers, displays and many other kinds of packaging/merchandisers for food, electronics, toys, games, automotive, recreation, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and more.

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We Provide Clients with the Best Design, Packaging and Merchandising Solutions

At Split Second Marketing Support Inc., we ensure all packaging and merchandiser design has our signature Split Second Impact.? Marketing specialists having expertise in a complete brand picture is critical to your packaging, product or merchandiser design to ensure your message is consistent, clear and differentiates your product from the competition!

Carefully created packaging design not only increases your sales and market share, it helps to keep your product safe and secure.? At Split Second Marketing Support Inc., we can recommend the type of packaging design solutions that are ideal for your product. ? Your product will safely transport through all channels from warehouse to customer without damages and create a memorable customer connection.

We use the most advance package design CAD software, innovative print, production technologies for realistic packaging prototypes and production samples.

? Streamlined workflow, on-time, on-budget design software and print technologies to increase package design, productivity and offer a truly unique solution for your product or brand.

? Split Second Marketing Support Inc. can be involved in any capacity you require whether you need a complete packaging or merchandiser solution from design to print, or you may already have a printer (ie: local/china/offshore) and need professional design and production sample prototype to provide your packaging printer to ensure the quality is on point.

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